Course                                                                                         Goal                                                                             Duration

A. General GYAKUTE-DO Course                                 master real original Japanese JUJUTSU                              1-2 years for black belt

B.  AIKI-JUTSU Course                                                              master AIKI-JUTSU                                                   1-2 years for Certificate

Requirement to join as a member:

Should not be profit orientated mind. 金儲けが目当てでない人
Should be well motivated to keep learning. 学ぼうとする真摯な姿勢と強い意欲を持った人
Should keep the original style pure, never change by own way, never mix GYAKUTE-DO in the other style. 伝統を尊重し、勝手に技を変えず、また他流に流用しない常識を持った人
Afterall should contribute transfer GYAKUTE-DO to the further generation. 逆手道の将来の発展に寄与できる方

Only the person who is considered to meet above requirement, can be accepted as a member.
But in case it becomes clear that the person does not meet the requirement after, the permision could be canceld in any time. 以上の要件を満たす人のみ受講を許可。許可後であっても違反することが有れば受講許可を取り消す。
Material for learning 使用する教材:

Book: How to AIKI(self publishing)、出来る合気術(BAB Japan)、GYAKUTE-DO(self publishing日本語・英語併記)、52ステップで攻略する合気術(自費出版)
DVD: 出来る合気術(BAB Japan)
Website :   Member only place with a lot of VTR
Correspondence : via E-mail
Seminar : Held at each Branch Dojo adhoc base
Year 2013:  Jakarta(Indonesia) and Yaizu(Japan)
Year 2014 : Bari (Italy)

rules 規約: 

1.  Students receive Kyu/Dan requirement with written explanation of required KATA.
Students have to read the explanation carefully and try to understand each movement.
Never try to watch VTR first.  It is very important to read the text first and very carefully.
After making certain image by reading the text then watch VTR in the member only place of GYAKUTE-DO website.

Text -> Main material
VTR -> Sub material

2.  First practise 2-3 KATA and when student feel he/she can perform them well enough,take the performance by VTR and upload it to Youtube then inform SOUSHI by mail as :

3rd Kyu:
Youtube address :  XXXXXXXXX
2)      RE-5
Youtube address :  XXXXXXXXX

3.  After receiving this mail and watching related VTR via Youtuve, SOUSHI will send  student his comments what should be improved.      For the good one, SOUSHI informs “passed”.    Student should re-submit un-passed KATA after some practice with taking account the correction which he/she received from SOUSHI.
When all submitted 2-3 KATA got “passed”, students can go further and practise next 2,3 KATA.

4.  After passing all the appointed KATA for Kyu and Dan, student gets approval for the exam.
Then he/she performs all the required KATA in one VTR without break and submit it SOUSHI as

3rd Kyu Exam VTR
Youtube address :   XXXXXXXXX

5.    In case passed, students receive a certificate from SOUSHI as

Kyu certificate :   by PDF
Dan certificate :   by paper

6.  Fee
At this moment all the fee, admission, monthly membership and certificate etc. are free.
Those are covered by SOUSHI’s pocket money.
But when this corresponding course will expand, it is  expected comes soon, some (small)    fee might be charged to maintain this activity.

7. Termination
In case the person’s activity to learn hs dropped down for long period wothout reasonable reason, his/her permision could be canceled after warning.

My wish:

Correspoinding Course is one of my main activities to promote GYAKUTE-DO all thorough the world.
For the past several years I have developed an unique method by which a lot of people can master JUJUTSU or even AIKI-JUTSU by using website and communication through Youtube. Although there is a certain limit to grow only by corresponding course but one can attain till 2nd DAN level only by this corresponding course.
Jujutsu consists of mostly know-how, so it is the key how to transfer those real know-how by corresponding course.
It is not my purpose to earn profit by teaching GYAKUTE-DO. I aim to promote GYAKUTE-DO among many people who do want to master JUJUTSU and AIKI-JUTSU but have no good chance. So, I do want to transfer all my know-how as much and fast as possible to my students.

I only intend to listrict persons whom I teach GYAKUTE-DO. The person should have pure BUDO spirits but no mind to try to make huge profit by teaching BUDO. Unfortunately I see so many such profit aiming BUDO instructors who have $ marked eyes and I do believe that people can never receive proper instruction nor learn real BUDO spirits from such profit aimimng instructors. Here I do not mean profit aiming teacher as professional teacher. Those are different. Professional teacher means a person who earn his/her living income by teaching Budo. Profit aiming teacer, desn’t matter professional or not, is a person who has the extremely super high prioirity to make profit by teaching Budo. For such person it has low prioirity to teach Budo to his/her students.

Because I try to transfer a huge volume of real know-how, people can expect to glow quite fast. Of course it depends on the person, but normally I expect that once can receive black belt in 1-2 years. If one can not achieve it although the person seriously practised, it is my fault and I should be blamed as a bad teacher. I always tell this to  my students who starts learning GYAKUTE-DO from me.

Well, I hope I can receive a application to learn GYAKUTE-DO from the people who has pure BUDO spirits and serious mind to learn.



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