GYAKUTE-DO Course 逆手道コース

For the corresponding course there are lanks (levels) as described below.

Kyu : 3rd Kyu, 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu In GYAKUTE-DO it stars by 3rd Kyu. We do not use colurful belts for each Kyu, which is not Japanese way. We have white and black belt only.
DAN : 1st Dan, 2nd Dan

Students learn each lvel requirement and go furthr step by step.   Although sometimes I am asked but I never acknowledge Dan degree to any person without confirming his/her real level.  I never give any certificate when I acknowledge a member ship to a person who already drives his/her own DOJO.  It is very pity that there are many of such federation which issue their certificate so easily even without exam. It should not happen.

All those levels can be cleared via corresponding course. But from 3rd Dan, students have to participate annual seminar(s) and pass the actual exam.



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