Makoto Kurabe

New member is joined from U.S.A.

In Sep. we have got a new member as U.S.A.(Indianapolis) branch with a leader Mr. Andrew Bryant.






For the detail please watch  Organization – U.S.A. Branch


Kyu Exam was done both at Utrecht and Den Haag Dojo successfully

Kyu Exam was done both at Utrecht and Den Haag Dojo and many members passed each Kyu successfully.


Utrecht Dojo (bottom right Theo-Shihan)

Den Haag dojo (Top left Steve- Shihan, Top right Sander-Shihan-dai)

Successor of KURABE 2nd SOUSHI is assigned

On 10th May at the 1st AIKI JUTSU seminar held in Den Haag, the below assignement is done.

Steve van Nieuwenhuizen SHIHAN is appointed as president of GYAKUTEDO EUROPEAN Head Quarter and successor of KURABE SHISEIDO 2nd SOUSHI.  So after Kurabe’s retirement he will take over AIKI JUJUTSU GYAKUTE-DO as 3rd SOUSHI.  Also 8th DAN is acknowledged.

Theo Philips is appointed as vice president of GYAKUTEDO EUROPEAN Head Quarter with 6th DAN acknowledgement.

So, from now on, all European GYAKUTE-DO activity shall be operated by the above two key persons.

By their sincere effort with pure BUDO spirits, GYAKUTE-DO will keep developping its activity in Europe.

with a lot of appreciation for two SHIHAN’s great contribution to settle the firm base of GYAKUTE-DO in Europe.

organization chart

AIKI JUTSU seminars starts from May

NFK seminar poster

Based on the big success of “7 Masters”, special consessive seminars starts from 10th May. the Seminar consists of 12 times, once a month, will take a year. After the seminar every participants are expected to do AIKI JUTSU. There are very few persons who can handle real AIKI JUTSU in Europe.  I aim to achieve the goal that I will raise a lot of AIKI JUJUTSU-KA here in Nederland  and Nederland shall has the biggest AIKIJUTSU-KA population in Europe after a year.



BUDO seminar “7 Masters” on 30th March

BUDO seminar “7 Masters” was held in Den Haag on 30th March by NFK.  SOUSHI KURABE SHISEIDO participated the seminar and showed AIKIJUTSU to over 40 participants.
For all the participants, it was the first time to see the real AIKI JUTSU, they did not believe it is real. But after they got experience by themselves, they started realize AIKI JUTSU is not magic but real technique. It was a big success.

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