Hiden artikels

Series of article titled  “BUDO report from Europe” started in Japanese monthly Budo Journal “HIDEN”  published by BAB Japan.

  • February 2010 edition. The first edition is from Poland Article 1
  • July 2010 edition. “from Nederland -1st Article 2
  • February 2011 edition “from Nederland -2nd” Article 3
  • Sepember 2011 edition “from Nederland-3rd” Article 4
  • December edition 2011 “from Nederland-4th” Article 5
  • February Edition 2012 “special article for AIKIJUTSU” Article 6
  • May Edition 2012 “from Belgium-1st” Article 7
  • June Edition 2012 :special article for AIKIJUTSU-2″  Artilce 8
  • March Edition 2013 : special dor AIKIJUTSU-3 AIKI3
  • October Edition 2013 : fron Nederland  -5th  rensai7
  • Seek for a person who teaches Japan originated BUDO, especially JUJUTSU, in Europe so that I can introduce his/her activity in my series article. Now I covered Poland, Nederland and Belgium by total 6 articles, so my next target is Germany, France and other near countries. Anybody who are dedicated  his/her life to develop and to promote true Japanese BUDO with pure BUDO spirits but not for profit making purpose in those area, please get contact with me.(
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